FVG Pride 2021


Gorizia—Nova Gorica

Let's break through rights

Let’s break through borders

Our home’s borders, where we have been locked up for over a year. National borders, between Italy and Slovenia, that we had forgotten even existed, but that we have realized had never truly disappeared. Borders confining disabled people. Borders imposed upon us whenever we are denied an abortion. CPR borders, where migrants are imprisoned. Oblivion’s borders, to which the LGBTQAI+ community’s rights have been casted to since 2017.

FVG Pride wants to break down these walls and every wall that unjustly limits our freedom.

We are all equal, all different, all human: we will all be free.

Let us #breakthroughborders this year.

Our manifesto

It's time to celebrate!

See you there!

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