FVG Pride 2021



Gorizia—Nova Gorica

A walk in the surroundings of Trieste

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  • #Trekking

In collaboration with Trekking Arcobaleno LGBT FVG

Location: Trieste and surrounding area

Elevation gain: 400 mt

Length: 16,5 km

Walking time: 5h with average training

Languages: all

A pleasant Sunday of trekking in the company of the Gruppo Trekking Arcobaleno LGBT FVG on the ridge of Carso from Santa Croce to Contovello, to Grignano and back, discovering hidden corners of this piece of paradise, with breathtaking views and unique glimpses. 

Packed lunch.

After the walk we can take a swim.

To participate, please fill out this google form.

For those coming from Udine and Pordenone, meet at 8:00 am at the parking lot of the Cormor Park, going up the ramp towards Venice on the left. There will be a rainbow flag to signal the group (link location).

For those coming from Trieste and Gorizia, meet at 8:45 am at the parking lot of the Risiera di San Sabba. There will be a rainbow flag to mark the group (link location).

Those coming from Slovenia meet at 9:00 am at the parking lot on the traffic circle for Banne in Opicina. There will be a rainbow flag to signal the group. (link location).

Maximum number of participants 60 people with masks and social distancing.

We recommend adequate boots and socks, a k-way and an adequate amount of water, preferably with hiking sticks.

We recommend maximum punctuality.

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