FVG Pride 2021



Gorizia—Nova Gorica

I soli

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In partnership with Associazione Zeno and Knulp café and bookshop

Language: Italian

Screening of the documentary I soli (The Alones, 25 min.) by Simone Modugno with Graziella Savastano and Salvina Zammitti, produced as part of Visioni personali – Workshop on Real-Life Cinema led by Cristina Ki Casini.

In the Western world today, more and more people do not have a steady sentimental or sexual relationship, but for many of them it seems to be a forced and temporary condition.
The characters portrayed in the documentary are two women who have been willingly and consciously living “alone” for a long time.
Although their motivations and lives seem to be opposite and mirror each other, they both share a similar desire for independence and a strong individual personality.

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