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Gorizia—Nova Gorica

Mr. Gay Syria

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the plight of LGBTQIA+ refugees

in collaboration with ASD È vento nuovo, Circolo Arci CCFT APS, Circolo Arci MissKappa APS, Ospiti in arrivo ONLUS

Language: Italian with Slovenian subtitles 

FVG Pride is back in Sant’Osvaldo park with the screening of the documentary “Mr. Gay Syria” (2018) by Ayse Tropak, about the different fates of two gay activist refugees trying to rebuild their lives after fleeing Syria.

You will find us from 6.30 p.m. at our stall and you can enjoy an aperitif at the kiosk run by Circolo Arci MissKappa APS. As it gets darker, at around 8.45 p.m., we will attend the outdoor screening of “Mr. Gay Syria”. Free admission to the screening!

Set between Istanbul and Berlin, “Mr. Gay Syria” tells the story of two Syrian refugees: Husain, 24 years old, arrived in Istanbul illegally with his family; and Mahmoud, founder of an LGBTI movement, who has been living legally in Germany for a few years, where he works part time for an NGO that helps homosexual asylum seekers. Their paths cross because they have a dream in common: participate in the international “Mr. Gay World” competition, in Malta. If they succeed, it would be the first time for a Syrian man in such a public event, thus showing himself to the world as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Never losing sight of the two leads, the film recounts with surprising simplicity and power the struggle of being gay in a homophobic society, the challenge of coming out, the joy of falling in love, while providing a unique insight into the plight of those who leave their countries and families behind in search of a better life. In this film, the drama of migrant populations takes on a new perspective, enabling us to experience up close the hopes and torments of those who try to find their path to a better life in every possible way.

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