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The impact of the pandemic on the Italian LGBTQIA+ community and a positive model

In partnership with Arcigay Italy and Lucciole – Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes ONLUS

Speakers: Luciano Lopopolo, president of Arcigay Italy, and Anita Garibalde, coordinator of  the trans desk of the Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes.

Moderator: Dario Castellani

The 10th Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of LGBTI People in Europe and Central Asia, published on 16th February 2021 by ILGA, shed light on the impact the pandemic had on European and Central Asian LGBTQIA+ communities, highlighting the vulnerability and precariousness in which our communities live.

What effect has the Covid19 epidemic had on the Italian LGBTQIA+ community? How did our communities organise to support one another at this time of fragility? What can we learn from this experience?

We will try to answer these questions with Luciano Lopopolo, who will give an overview of the different situations encountered in the Italian LGBTQIA+ communities during the pandemic, and with Anita Garibalde, one of the promoters of the fundraising campaign to support sex workers during the pandemic.

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