FVG Pride 2021



Gorizia—Nova Gorica

The rights of trans people in Slovenia and Italy

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  • #Transgender

In partnership with TransAkcija Institute and GO!2025

Language: Slovenian and Italian, translator dr. Matejke Grgič

Speakers: Erica Scarel (she, her), enrolled in PhD in chemistry at “Università degli studi di Trieste”, member of the board of “Arcigay Arcobaleno ODV” since 2020; Linn Julian Koletnik (they, them), degree in Gender Studies, co-founder and director of the TransAkcija Institute

Moderator: Evan Grm (they, them), co-founder and Program Officer of the TransAkcija Institute

We will meet at the former border to discuss the rights of transgender people in Slovenia and Italy.

Together with the two speakers, we will explore the history and present of trans rights activism in both countries and how far we have come. We will talk about the everyday life of trans people in Slovenia and Italy and how it is affected by rights or the lack thereof.

After an introductory talk with the guests, the floor will be opened for discussion with the participants of the event, for sharing experiences, opinions and questions.

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